Outstanding incentives, plentiful broadband, competitive business costs, an obliging mountain climate and low disaster risk make Northeast Wyoming a superior choice for data centers and other IT-related businesses.

Wyoming is Tech-Friendly!

The State of Wyoming has targeted data center projects through its Managed Data Center Cost Reduction program.

  • $2.25 million cost reduction grants are available to reimburse utility expenses over three years.
  • Data centers are exempt from industrial siting permits. This can shave $500,000 and 18 months off many data center projects.
  • Companies pay no sales tax on computer hardware, HVAC and UPS systems.

We have the Bandwidth You Need

Wyoming has carried out a sustained initiative to spread broadband access throughout the state.

  • 100 GB service available to every school and state government facility
  • With 16 telecommunications providers, Wyoming has numerous long-haul fiber routes
  • Wyoming is adopting broadband at the fastest rate in the nation!

Competitive, Sustainable Power

  • Wyoming’s commercial electricity rate is $0.99/kwh below the national average.
  • Our industrial rate is $0.45/kwh below the national average.
  • Wyoming is 15th in the US in wind energy production with nearly 1,500 megawatts.
  • The world’s largest wind farm capable of producing 3,000 megawatts of power is now under construction.

A Cool Place to Be!

We have more than beauty here in Wyoming’s high country. At an average altitude of 6,000 feet, we also have fewer cooling days than any other state in the region.

  • Average high temperature: 59.9Farenheit
  • Mean maximum July temperatures: 85-95Fahrenheit

Low Disaster Risk

  • Wyoming had 66% fewer earthquakes than California, 2010-015.
  • Wyoming has fewer tornados on average than any other state in the Central Plains.

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